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(SciRoc 2019 - The SciRoc Challenges (León, 18-21th September 2019))
(SciRoc 2019 - The SciRoc Challenges (León, 18-21th September 2019))
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==SciRoc 2019 - The SciRoc Challenges (León, 18-21th September 2019) ==
==SciRoc 2019 - The SciRoc Challenges (Milton Keynes, 18-21th September 2019) ==

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Last Events

TEEM 2019 - International Conference (León, 16-18th October 2019)


SciRoc 2019 - The SciRoc Challenges (Milton Keynes, 18-21th September 2019)


European Robotics League - Local Tournament (Madrid, 1-5th October 2018)


European Robotics League - Local Tournament (León, 22-26th January 2018)

New local tournament of the European Robotics League.


Evaluating Haptic Surgery System at the IV VetDoc (León, July 6-7th 2017)

We have been testing the new version of the haptic surgery simulator at the {http://www.vetdoc.unileon.es/ | IV Conference on Veterinary Medicine Education}


In code we trust! Conference about Agile Testing and DevOps (León, May 9th 2017)

  • Tuesday May 9th (11:00 to 13:00)
  • Location: Salón de Grados (EIII)
  • Talk by Intelygenz

European Robotics League - Local Tournament (León, 13-17 March 2017)

We organized the León local tournament of the European Robotics League.


There were three teams participating:

  • SPQReL from the Univesity of Rome (Italy) and Lincoln (UK)
  • Outsiders from the University of Luxembourg
  • Leonbot (our team)


RoboCup 2016 (Leipzig, Germany, 28 June - 4th July 2016)

The GentleBots team participate for the first time in the RoboCup@Home competition. Gentlebots is a joint team made up by the Robotics Group from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and our group


Robotica 2016 and ICARSC 2016 (Bragança, Portugal, May 2016)

The RoboCup Team traveled to Bragança to take part in Robotica 2016, the Portuguese National Robotic Festival that took place from May 4th to May 8th. In the same venue took place the IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Systems and Competitions where the group presented the paper.

Picture of the team in Bragança:


Old Activities

Francisco Lera's PhD dissertation (December 2015)

Francisco J. Lera just became the newest doctor of the group. His defense was held on December the 11th and he got a "Sobresaliente Cum Laude". Congratulations, Fran!


RoCKIn 2015 (Lisboa)

RoCKIn2015, the second competition event in the EU-funded robotics project RoCKIn, was held in Lisbon (Portugal), 21-23 November 2015.


It was a joint event with the ROBOT'2015, the Second Iberian Robotics Conference where we also presented a paper

RoCKIn Event 2014 (Toulouse)

(main article of this event here)

RoCKIn Camp 2014 (Rome)

(main article of this event here)

The team was in Rome testing the MYRABot robot. There, we learned different topics about vision, grasping, and natural language understanding. We tested the MB+ (MYRABot+) robot, a modification of MYRABot. Other robots were introduced in this competition, such as REEM from PAL Robotics.


Hack For Good 2013

Proposals for HackForGood can be found here.


3D Scanning and Printing

During the last two weeks Francisco Sedano gave a brief introduction to 3D prototyping technologies that can be applied to a wide variety of engineering applications. The training gave the students the knowledge to develop and use 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies.

20160218 195229.jpg

Scanning Course

3D Printing Course

  • Conference "Augmented reality for elderly medication control using a mobile robot" at the Curso de Verano Envejecimiento Activo. León, Julio 2012.



  • Seminar on BICA programming in the SPITeam for the RoboCup2011. Instructors: Francisco Martín and Carlos E. Agüero from URJC Robotics Group.

<wikiflv width="300" height="250" logo="true">/videos/CursoBica.flv</wikiflv>


<wikiflv width="300" height="250" logo="true">/videos/videoSumo20100312.flv</wikiflv>


  • CompCog Workshop ESF on Held in the University of León, May 26 to 27, 2009.



In the Press

  • Interview by AUVSI - Spain*

  • Article in Diario de León about the OrbiOne robot. We made the front page! (February 24th, 2016)


  • Innova Award to the best 2014 IT project, given by local newspaper (Diario de León).
  • Conference on social robotics applied to handicapped people. Organized by CRE:
  1. Information about the event at CRE's webpage.
  1. Press note at Diario de León.


  • The same one in the local TV:



  • We were proud members of the Spanish Team (SPITeam) in the RoboCup Standard Platform providing a goalkeeper. SPITeam was a joint effort of the [robotics group] of the Rey Juan Carlos University, Rovira y Virgili University and Universidad de León. Last Team Description paper can be found here. Our last competition entrance was in Instambul 2011