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(Robotics outline)
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==Robotics outline==
==Technical Robotics outline==
Our first aproach to this project was to implement all of our software to work directly with a tabletPC or with a PC, but the final idea was to deploy our development in a robot. In last times many differents approach has been taken.
Projects like “Robótica en el tratamiento del Alzhéimer”, leaded by José M. Cañas and Francisco Martín Rico in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos robotics group, [http://www.robotica-urjc.es/ URJC] introduce NAO robot as a possibility in a HRI context. We can find in last journeys of our [http://catedratelefonica.unileon.es/jornadas-catedras/primera-jornada-catedra-telefonica-universidad-de-leon/ Catedra telefónica Universidad de León]  an axamples of use.
We bought with project money one [http://turtlebot.com/ Turtlebot]. The main reason was that it is selled fully mounted and installed, and this could make easy the start of our software integration, that we thought, however ...
<!-- [[Image:Turtlebot_1.JPG|center|500px|frame|alt=Original Turtlebot with iCreate base|Turtlebot with iCreate]] -->
<!-- [[Image:Turtlebot_1.JPG|center|500px|frame|alt=Original Turtlebot with iCreate base|Turtlebot with iCreate]] -->

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Technical Robotics outline

Turtlebot with iCreate

A few weeks ago and thanks to one collaborator we decided to build our selves the components to communication with a Roomba, the twin robot of iCreate, original base that Turtlebot mounts. And now we have a fully work re-design of official connector.

TurtleRoomBot with Roomba 521 base

Now we can say that it's working, now we need to build an estructure, to make it more reliable and a Turtlebot look!

<wikiflv width="640" height="480" logo="true">/videos/roomba_ok.flv</wikiflv>