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Technical Robotics outline


thumb|130px|Fotografía del [ Turtlebot].


  • iRobot Create
  • ASUS1215N Laptop
  • Microsoft Kinect
  • Placa de gestión de alimentación y sensores
  • Cables USB de comunicaciones y alimentación
  • Estructura de soporte de elementos


  • Sistema operativo Ubuntu
  • ROS con Turtlebot-robot

Turtlebot with iCreate

A few weeks ago and thanks to one collaborator we decided to build our selves the components to communication with a Roomba, the twin robot of iCreate, original base that Turtlebot mounts. And now we have a fully work re-design of official connector.

TurtleRoomBot with Roomba 521 base

Now we can say that it's working, now we need to build an estructure, to make it more reliable and a Turtlebot look!

<wikiflv width="640" height="480" logo="true">/videos/roomba_ok.flv</wikiflv>