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This is the official wiki of the Robotics Group of the University of León (ULE). We are a group of researchers (faculty and students) interested in creating autonomous behaviour for mobile robots.


We are a "Consolidated Research Unit" (UIC-215) officially recognized by the Castilla y León goverment.

We are proud members of RedAF (Red Nacional de Investigación en Agentes Físicos), ReteCog (Red Temática de Ciencia Cognitiva), and Euron.

We run the "Leon@Home Testbed", an official testbed of the European Robotics League:

We are also partially funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness under grant RTC-2016-5166-4 (FEDER funds)

Ministerio Economía y Competitividad


Our lab is in the second floor of the MIC building (Módulo de Investigación en Cibernética - Cybernetics Research Module). If you are interested in our work, you are welcome to pay us a visit.


We also hang around the EIII (Escuela de Ingenierías Industrial e Informática - Engineering School), which is here.


European Robotics League (León, March 2017)



RoboCup 2016 (Leipzig, Germany, 28 June - 4th July 2016)

The GentleBots team participate for the first time in the RoboCup@Home competition. Gentlebots is a joint team made up by the Robotics Group from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and our group


We want to express our gratitude to Mountain for sponsoring our group in the RoCKIn Challenge.

Lgo mountain.png

We have been using Mountain hardware for research and development with our robots. The control software of the CeRVaNTeS platform runs on a F-13 laptop. Soon, our MYRABot platorm will also mount one of their machines.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to Mountain for their support to small research groups like ours.