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The current work with AR.Drone from Parrot consists of evaluate different ways to interface a PC with AR.Drone.

Interfacing with AR.Drone

Controlling the AR.Drone using the Wii-mote on ROS


  • Download the Mobile Robotics Lab at SIUE repository [siue-ros-pkg]. This repository contains two packages ardrone_driver and ardrone_teleop which must to be installed in the stacks directory.


  • Verify AR.Drone boot sequence is completed and we can observe green leds on the bottom.
  • Enable the WIFI connection with the AR.Drone.
  • Launching ROS kernel:
      :~$ roscore
  • Loading drone driver:
      :~$ rosrun ardrone_driver ardrone_driver

This command connects drone at localhost address.

  • Running the node to operate the drone
       :~$ rosrun ardrone_teleop ardrone_teleop.

In ardrone_driver directory we can find a script to launch both nodes, the driver and remote operating. To launch this script use:

       :~$ roslaunch <$ROS_ARDRONE_DRIVER_PATH>/ardrone_wiimote_teleop.launch
  • To use the wiimote, run the python script into the wiimote packages
       :~$ rosrun wiimote
  • Wiimote application is waiting to press buttons 1 and 2 during at least 6 seconds. Next image describes the control layout
Control layout.jpeg
  • Finally the drone flying:

<wikiflv width="300" height="250" logo="true">Ar.drone.ros.flv</wikiflv>

Using URBI to monitor and control AR.Drone

URBI balltracking.png
  • Video trial:

<wikiflv width="300" height="250" logo="true">Ar.drone.urbi.flv</wikiflv>

Controlling drone with joystick or joypad using SDK Application

SDK application.png