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Template:Title=Portable autonomous walk calibration for 4-legged robots.

  1. Alternatives for programming a low-cost UAV in robotics undergraduate course
    • Mario Castro de Lera y Vicente Matellán.
    • Research, Development and Education on Unmanned Aerial Systems (RED-UAS'11). Seville (Spain) 30-November, 1-December 2011
    • Paper access: (PDF)
  2. Comparative Cognition: animals and robots.
    • Vicente Matellán,
    • ERCIM News 84, pp 31-32. January 2011.
    • Paper access: (PDF)
  3. Augmented Reality for Improving Teleoperation of Mobile Robots
    • Francisco Javier Rodríguez Lera, Juan Felipe García Sierra, Camino Fernández Vicente Matellán.
    • XI Workshop en Agentes Físicos (WAF). Albacete (Spain) September 2011.
    • Paper access: (PDF)
  4. Localization and Design of a Humanoid GoalKeeper for the RoboCup SPL
    • Víctor Manuel Rodríguez, Francisco Javier Rodríguez Lera Vicente Matellán.
    • 11th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications.
    • Paper access: (PDF)


  1. Using visual attention in a Nao humanoid to face the RoboCup any-ball challenge
    • Juan F. García, Francisco J. Rodríguez, Francisco Martín, Vicente Matellán.
    • Humanoids 2010. 5th Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots, in the 10th IEEE-RAS Internatioinal Conference on Humanoid Robotics. December 6-8, 2010 Sheraton Nashville Downtown, Nashville, TN (USA)
    • Paper access: (PDF)
  2. VIGICOP: Autonomous Surveillance Robots with Sodar Detection and Autonomous Navigation
    • Javier Durán,Vicente Matellán, Alberto Izquierdo, Miguel Calvo, Evaristo J. Abril, Francisco J. Rodríguez, Juan J. Villacorta, Sergio Cerezal and Juan F. García.
    • International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology, ICCST'10, San José (California), Octubre 2010.
    • Paper access: (PDF)
  3. Saliency map based attention control for the RoboCup SPL
    • Juan F. García, Francisco J. Rodríguez, Camino Fernández, Vicente Matellán
    • XI Workshop en Agentes Físicos (WAF'2010), co-located with CEDI'2010, Valencia (España), Septiembre 2010.
    • Paper access: (PDF)
  4. Localización probabilística del humanoide Nao en el campo de la Robocup
    • Francisco J. Rdez. Lera, Juan F. García,Camino Fdez. Llamas, Vicente Matellán.
    • SoftComputing, co-located with CEDI2010, Valencia (España), Septiembre 2010.
    • Paper access: (PDF)
  5. Design an evaluation of RoboCup humanoid goalie
    • Juan F. García, Francisco J. Rodríguez, Camino Fernández, and Vicente Matellán.
    • Journal of Physical Agents, Vol. 4, No. 2, May 2010. ISSN: 1888-0258.
    • Paper access: (PDF)


  1. Designing a minimal reactive goalie for the RoboCup SPL.
    • Juan F. García, Francisco J. Rodríguez, Vicente Matellán, Camino Fernández.
    • X Workshop en Agentes Físicos (WAF'2009). Cáceres (España), Septiembre 2009.
    • Paper access: (PDF)
  2. Downsizing robotics: Autonomy vs. intelligence.
    • Vicente Matellán, Camino Fernández y Juan F. García.
    • International Ethological Conference (IEC'2009). Workshop on Ethorobotics: New tools for modelling behaviour. Rennes (France), 19-24 Agosto 2009.
    • Paper access: (PDF)