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  • Project Name: ARWP: Augmented Rovio Wrap Project
  • Authors: Francisco J. Lera
  • SVN Repository:
  • Tags: Rovio,
  • Technology: c, opencv, augmented reality
  • State: Developing

This is a migration and evolution of RovioCWrapProject.

  • First Step

Migrating from c to c++.

  1. A class rovRobot was created to represent the Rovio.
  2. A class conversor was adapted to c++ syntax

  • Second Step

We were using opencv functions to show augmented reality.

We use the methods from ArUco: a minimal library for Aumented Reality applications based on OpenCv

Over each recognize CODE we put an image using OpenCV function

- First Example

Real capture + augmented reality.

- First Test
Test track image.
Test map
- Second Test
Test track image.
Test map

- Quiz Poll

We made a questionary to each experiment operator to get some ideas about our work and augmented reality system. All operators were from other fields different to IT or robotics research.

Al the results