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RoCKIn Camp 2014

Project Presentation

  • Project Name:


  • Official Web Page
  • Staff:
Technical software: Fernando Casado
Technical software: Víctor Rodríguez 
Technical software: Francisco Lera
Technical hardware: Carlos Rodríguez
  • Other Information:
* Academic Year: 2013-2014
* SVN Repositories: soon	... 
* Tags: Augmented Reality, Elderly people, Tele-Assistence
* Technology: ROS, PCL, c++, svn, OpenCV, cmake, OpenGL, Qt, Aruco, 
* State: Development

Project Summary

This challenge focuses on domestic service robots. The project aims robots with enhanced networking and cognitive abilities. They will be able to perform socially useful tasks such as supporting the impaired and the elderly (one of the main goal of our group).

In the initial stages of the competition individual robots will begin by overcoming basic individual tasks, such as navigation through the rooms of a house, manipulating objects or recognizing faces, and then coordinate to handle house-keeping tasks simultaneously, some of them in natural interaction with humans.


Robot Hardware

Robot Setup