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RoCKIn Project Description

  • Project Name:


  • Next Challenge
RoCKIn@home Toulouse 
  • Official Web Page

Watermelon Project: Team Description

  • Project Codename
Watermelon Project
  • Advisor:
Vicente Matellán Olivera
  • Staff:
Technical- Manipulation/Grasping, Simulation: Fernando Casado
Technical- Navigation: Rubén Rodríguez
Technical- SW Integration, Middleware, Perception: Francisco Martín Rico
Technical- SW Integration, HRI Dialogue, Team Leader: Francisco Lera
Technical- Hardware: Carlos Rodríguez
  • Former Staff:
Technical-Perception: Víctor Rodríguez 
  • Other Information:
Academic Year: 2013-2014
SVN Repositories: soon... 
Tags: Augmented Reality, Elderly people, Remote-Assistance
Technology: ROS, PCL, c++, svn, OpenCV, cmake, OpenGL, Qt, Aruco, 
State: Development

Project Summary

This challenge focuses on domestic service robots. The project aims to create robots with enhanced networking and cognitive abilities. They should be able to perform useful tasks such as helping the impaired and the elderly (one of the main goals of our group).

In the initial stages of the competition, individual robots will begin by overcoming basic individual tasks, such as navigating through the rooms of a house, manipulating objects or recognizing faces, and then coordinating to handle house-keeping tasks simultaneously, some of them under natural interaction with humans.

RoCKIn Evolution

Rome - RoCKIn Camp 2014


We want to take part in RoCKIn with the platform developed during the last two years in the Catedra Telefónica-ULE.

MYRABot robot.

Robot Hardware

Component Model Description
Frame n/a Poplar laminated wood
Computer LG X110 - Notebooks. Atom processors
Controllers (a)Arduino 2560, (b)USB2serial (a)arm, range sensors, (b)roomba
Base Roomba 520 Vacuum cleaner
Ultrasound Sensors Maxsensor mb1220 (x5) Range: 7 meters
RGB sensor Logitech Webcam
RGBD sensors Kinect, Asus Xtion
Battery standard 12V, 7A
Arm (Actuator) Dinamixel AX12 servos (x5) Joints and servomotors from Bioloid

Robot Software

Option Control Software Version Description
Robot ROS Fuerte
Simulator Gazebo and ROS Gazebo 1.19, ROS - HYDRO

Videos TDP2014


Test 1:



Arm Control

Arm control with Xbox Joystick




Fab-Lab León

Cátedra Telefónica-Unileon


Alvaro Botas (MYRA software)

Joaquín Olmo (First design of MYRABot prototype)

Julián Orfo (Navigation in simulator environment)



If you want to contribute financially to the project, please contact us.


Roomba battery

Arduino Mega (x2)

Roomba base (520, 560)