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Here we enumerate different software packages developed by our group:

PeTra (People Tracker)

PeTra is a tool which allows detecting and tracking people. The system is based on a CNN that uses an occupancy map constructed from the readings of a LIDAR sensor.

   Dataset: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fnbot.2017.00072/full


BRITTANY (Biometric RecognITion Through gAit aNalYsis)

Brittany is a tool which allows a Biometric recognition through gait analysis by using LIDAR sensors. The system is based on a classification neural network which allow identify 5 diferent users of the system or intruders in it.


SUFFER (SimUlation Framework for Education in Robotics)

Robot as a Service (RaaS) platform for simulating robots.

More information in Innovacionfrentealvirus

Jaco gym (Reinforcement Learning for Manipulators)

Pierre has been using Gazebo for trainning


DOROTHEA (DOcker-based fRamework fOr gaTHering nEtflow trAffic)

DOROTHEA is a Docker-based solution to build packet flow datasets. It uses a NetFlow sensor which collects the streams of packets that pass through a network interface. The tool simulates a complex and realistic computer network. It is easily configurable and scalable, for instance it is possible to set the number of computers that generate network traffic. A threshold can be set to define the number of packets used to create flows, thus emulating the real functionality of routers.

More information at https://seguridad.unileon.es/index.php/DOROTHEA

MoEv (Model Evaluator)

MoEv is a general-purpose tool that allows for building classification models from labeled datasets. Besides, MoEv allows for performing data cleaning and pre-processing operations. It has been successfully used in different research areas such us jamming attacks detection on real-time location systems, academic success prediction at educational institutions, or network attacks detection.

More information at https://seguridad.unileon.es/index.php/MoEv