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== Tracking System ==
== Tracking System ==

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Leon@Home Testbed

Leon@Home testbed main purpose is to benchmark service robots in a realistic home environment. Our testbed is made up by four parts: a mock-up apartment, a control zone with direct vision (glass wall) to the apartment, a small workshop and a larger development zone where researchers work.



Leon@Home Testbed is located in the second floor of the Módulo de Investigación en Cibernética (Building for Research in Cybernetics) in the Vegazana Campus of the Universidad de León (Spain).

The apartment is a single bedroom mock-up home built in a 8m x 7m space. It is divided by 50cm high walls into a Kitchen, living room, bathroom and a bedroom. This is the

Apartamento leon.jpg

The Leon@Home Testbed furniture has been designed to test different robot abilities. For instance, kitchen cabinets have different types of handlers.


Tracking System

We have available three different systems for tracking the robots:

  1. [KIO RTL] ground-truth system based on Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology
  2. [Pentalo 3D people tracker] based on RGB-D cameras (four cameras in the top corners of the apartment)
  3. VICON tracking system (on demand)


Control Area

Control area has direct vision over the apartment through a glass wall:



Permanent robotic residents of the Leon@Home Testbed are:

  1. Orbi-One
  2. Merlin