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This site summarizes different applications and tools develeoped by the Robotics Group during their researches.

Available Tools

Currently the following tools are available:

Laboratorio de simulación robótica

El objetivo de esta herramienta es acercar a aquel que lo desee el mundo de la robótica y la posibilidad de interactuar con un robot real. Con el registro en la herramienta podrás tener acceso a varios servicios, como son:

  • Acceso al laboratorio de simulación robótica a través de una interfaz web.
  • Acceso a una máquina a través de SSH en la que podrás almacenar la información de tus prácticas y pruebas.
  • Posibilidad de publicar dudas a través del foro de esta misma página.

Go to laboratorio de simulación robótica


SUFFER is a cloud-based platform that provides fully working robotic workspaces that are accesseded using nothing more than a browser.

You can access SUFFER in Mumalabs




Restricted Tools and Applications

We advocate for the development of secure and well-tested applications. Therefore, we have a set of tools and systems to make these tasks easier and the code better.


The group has a private Gitlab with access to:

  • Privates Docker registries per repository.
  • Gitlab Pipelines to automate the compilation and testing of the code.
  • Docker support


This CI system allow us to prepare pipelines to automate all the process from compiling to deployment.


This tool provides detailed and extensive information about the quality of the code


Universal repository to store all the libraries we need.


A pre-production Docker system to deploy and test every containerized application with all the computational resources you need.