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I am a PhD researcher in the Robotics Group at University of León, Spain.

Research Topics

My scientific career has been devoted to studying the application of robotics in public spaces. From indoor environments in home-like environments to deploy robots in space. During the last ten years, I have dedicated my main efforts to the application of robots into the real world, taking care of Human-Robot Interaction, dynamic robot environment and the cybersecurity issues associated to the state of the art middlewares such as ROS, YARP or NaoQi.


Context Awareness


Robotics in Space

Human Robot Interaction

Cognitive Arthictectures

Publications current year

Impact of decision-making system in social navigation Jonatan Ginés-Clavero, Francisco Martín, Francisco Javier Rodríguez Lera, José Miguel Guerrero Hernández, and Vicente Matellán. Multimedia Tools and Applications. 81, pages 3459-481 (2022) Doi

Full list of publications

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Francisco J. Rodríguez received his Ph.D. degree in intelligent systems for engineering in 2015 from the School of Industrial Engineering and Information Technology at University of León (Spain). Currently, he is working as a researcher in the University of León (Spain) after to stay two years as a research associate in the AI Robolab, which belongs to the Computer Science and Communications Research Unit (CSC) at University of Luxembourg. Much of his work and research interest lies on four different topics associated with AI and Robotics: cybersecurity in Autonomous Systems, in particular in Social Robots for Public Spaces; cognitive architectures motivational-oriented for robot control generating natural behaviors in autonomous robots; software development and DevOps for delivering solutions in research and business scenarios; application of AI and robots solutions for home-like environments and public spaces; and artificial neural networks systems applied to context-awareness in human-robot interaction environments.


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Módulo de investigación cibernética
Campus de Vegazana, s/n, León