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I am a PhD researcher in the Robotics Group at University of León, Spain.

Research Topics

My scientific career has been devoted to studying the application of robotics in public spaces. From indoor environments in home-like environments to deploy robots in space. During the last ten years, I have dedicated my main efforts to the application of robots into the real world, taking care of Human-Robot Interaction, dynamic robot environment and the cybersecurity issues associated to the state of the art middlewares such as ROS, YARP or NaoQi.


Context Awareness


Robotics in Space

Human Robot Interaction

Cognitive Arthictectures

Publications current year

Octree-based localization using RGB-D data for indoor robots; F. Martín, V. Matellán, F.J. Rodríguez, J. Ginés; Journal article in Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence. Vol 77, pp. 177-185, 2018; Doi

Neural Networks for Recognizing Human Activities in Home-like Environments. Francisco J. Rodriguez Lera, Francisco Martín Rico, and Vicente Matellán Olivera, Journal article in Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering. 2018, Doi

Message Encryption in Robot Operating System: Collateral Effects of Hardening Mobile Robots Francisco J. Rodríguez Lera, Vicente Matellán Olivera, Jesús Balsa-Comerón, Ángel Manuel Guerrero-Higueras and Camino Fernández-Llamas, Journal article in Computer and Network security; Doi

HiMoP: A three-component architecture to create more human-acceptable social-assistive robots Francisco J. Rodríguez Lera, Vicente Matellán Olivera; Miguel Á. Conde González; Francisco Martín Rico, Journal article in Cognitive Processing, Doi

Benchmark Dataset for Evaluation of Range-Based People Tracker Classifiers in Mobile Robots Claudia Álvarez-Aparicio,Ángel Manuel Guerrero-Higueras, Maria Carmen Calvo Olivera, Francisco J. Rodríguez-Lera, Francisco Martín and Vicente Matellán, Journal, Frontiers in neurorobotics Doi

Cybersecurity of Robotics and Autonomous Systems: Privacy and Safety

Francisco J. Rodríguez Lera, Camino Fernández Llamas, Ángel Manuel Guerrero and Vicente Matellán Olivera (December 6th 2017). Robotics George Dekoulis, IntechOpen, Doi

Planning-centered Architecture for RoboCup SSPL @Home,. Francisco Mart\'in-Rico, Jonathan Gin\'es Clavero, David Vargas Frutos, Francisco Javier Rodr\'iguez-Lera and Vicente Matellán XIX International Workshop of Physical Agents (WAF'2018). November 2014, Madrid (Spain)

Accountability in Mobile Service Robots Ángel Manuel Guerrero-Higueras,Francisco Javier Rodríguez-Lera, Francisco Martín Rico, Jesús Balsa, and Vicente Matellán. XIX International Workshop of Physical Agents (WAF'2018). November 2014, Madrid (Spain)

Planning Topological Navigation for complex Indoor Environments. Francisco Martín, Jonathan Ginés, David Vargas, Francisco J. Rodríguez-Lera, Vicente Matellán. 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018), October 2018.

More Attention and Less Repetitive and Stereotyped Behaviors Using a Robot with Children with Autism Costa, Andreia; Charpiot, Louise; Rodríguez Lera, Francisco Javier; Ziafati, Pouyan; Nazarikhorram, Aida; van der Torre, Leendert; Steffgen, Georges; the 27th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN) 2018, Session TuCT2: Social Human-Robot Interaction of Service Robots

Generating Symbolic Representation from Sensor Data: Inferring knowledge in Robotics Competitions Francisco J. Rodríguez Lera, Vicente Matellán Olivera; Francisco Mart\'in Rico, 18th IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions, Torres Vedras, Wed 25 - Fri 27 April

Emotional Robots for Coaching: Motivating Physical Rehabilitation using Emotional Robots Francisco J. Rodriguez-Lera, Leandro Gomes, Pouyan Ziafati, Aida Nazarikhorram, Andrea Stefanetti, Anne-Marie Schuller Personal Robots for Exercising and Coaching, Workshop in conjunction with HRI Conference 2018, Chicago, IL, USA

A comparison between a person and a robot in the attention, imitation, and repetitive and stereotypical behaviors of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Andreia P. Costa, Louise Charpiot, Francisco Rodríguez Lera, Pouyan Ziafati, Aida Nazarikhorram, Leon van der Torre, Georges Steffgen HRI 2018 Workshop on Social Human-Robot Interaction of Human-care Service Robots, March 2018, Chicago, US

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Francisco J. Rodríguez received his Ph.D. degree in intelligent systems for engineering in 2015 from the School of Industrial Engineering and Information Technology at University of León (Spain). Currently, he is working as a researcher in the University of León (Spain) after to stay two years as a research associate in the AI Robolab, which belongs to the Computer Science and Communications Research Unit (CSC) at University of Luxembourg. Much of his work and research interest lies on four different topics associated with AI and Robotics: cybersecurity in Autonomous Systems, in particular in Social Robots for Public Spaces; cognitive architectures motivational-oriented for robot control generating natural behaviors in autonomous robots; software development and DevOps for delivering solutions in research and business scenarios; application of AI and robots solutions for home-like environments and public spaces; and artificial neural networks systems applied to context-awareness in human-robot interaction environments.


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