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  • Project name: PhD-3D-Object-Tracking
  • Dates: October 2011 -
  • Degree: PhD
  • Author: Víctor Rodríguez
  • Contact: vrodm [at] unileon [dot] es
  • Tags: 3d, object tracking, depth sensor, rgbd, point cloud
  • Technologies: kinect, xtion, pcl, openni, c++, cmake
  • Status: Ongoing

PCL/OpenNI articles

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PCL/OpenNI tutorial 1: Installing and testing

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PCL/OpenNI tutorial 3: Cloud processing (advanced)

PCL/OpenNI tutorial 4: 3D object recognition (descriptors)

PCL/OpenNI tutorial 5: 3D object recognition (pipeline)

PCL/OpenNI troubleshooting

You can get the accompanying files and resources here.